Frequently Asked Questions

What is Brightstorming?

Brightstorming is a web application that enables teams to organise more productive brainstorm sessions. Brightstorming not only creates your perfect brainstorm program, but also helps you to facilitate the session (by offering timers, thinking techniques, energisers and step-by-step guidelines for every technique).

Who is it meant for?

Brightstorming is particularly useful for (autonomous) teams that struggle with brainstorm sessions and meetings. Are you sometimes frustrated about how unproductive, boring, chaotic or time wasting your team’s sessions are? Then Brightstorming is there for you.

How does it work?

Brightstorming is a web application. You can access it directly from within your web browser. No installations or downloads required. Do you have a challenge that requires some creative thinking? (for example: a tricky problem, new product ideas or improvements to a system you’re using) Start the application and set up your perfect brainstorm program in seconds. Brightstorming will ask you some simple questions and based on the answers you give it will generate a program that will fit your challenge perfectly. You can play this program (with timers, energisers, thinking techniques and examples) on any screen available. It will guide your team through the ideation process and frees everyone up to fully focus on the challenge.

What does it cost?

The price of a Brightstorming licence depends on your specific requirements. Do you think Brightstorming would bring value to your organisation? Contact us for more information.

What do I need to optimally make use of Brightstorming?

Using Brightstorming does not require any installations or downloads. So, no need to bother your IT department. The only thing you’ll need to create a new session is a web browser (IE, Firefox, Chrome or Safari) and an internet connection. The session you created can be played on a tablet, laptop, desktop pc or larger screen (for example in a meeting room).

Do you have another question?

Shoot us an email at mail@brightstorming.com