Testing, testing, and testing once again

testing brightstorming

Testing, testing, and testing once again

Over the last year, we’ve been very busy collecting feedback. We’ve visited many different organisations to hold Brightstorm-sessions. These sessions (and the comments we received afterwards) gave us valuable insights in how to improve the application.

A few times we also invited a diverse group of potential users to join a Brightstorming session at our own headquarters. Below you see a short impression of one of these sessions.

All the feedback we’ve collected this past year has led to Brightstorming as it is. A powerful web application to make brainstorms more productive. Or as we’d like to call it: the smart way to brainstorm.

Are you curious about how Brightstorming could enrich your brainstorm sessions (while, at the same time, saving lots of time)? Request a demo today. We’d be happy to show you the many benefits Brightstorming could bring to your organisation

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